Pokémon Go has made massive waves in the world, leading to Nintendo’s market cap doubling in less than 2 weeks. Many people are playing the game in the Rexburg Area, leading to rumors of 40+ people running around in porter park chasing a wild Charizard. Do you want to get to the top? Here are the best places to catch Pokémon in the Rexburg Area.

screenshot of Pokémon Go app.

Pokémon inside the Gardens at BYU-Idaho.

Porter Park

screenshot of game

A view from Porter Park.

Porter Park is one of the best places to find Pokémon. At the splash park and carousel, there are places where you can sit and hit 2 pokestops at once. Often, there are lures there giving everyone more benefit. A gym is located nearby which gives a player more Pokémon.

BYU-I Gardens

Pokemon Go Gardens screenshot

A View from the BYU-Idaho Gardens

The gardens are a popular spot to catch Pokémon. There are areas with nice places to sit, often private from all of the other Pokémon Go players so you don’t have to feel so awkward. Not that you should feel awkward playing it… You can also benefit from the large number of lure modules that people place down.

BYU-I Campus

BYU-Idaho Campus of Pokéstops.

A view at BYU-Idaho Campus of multiple Pokéstops.

The BYU-Idaho Campus is definitely one of the best place to travel on foot. You can easily do a 5 minute circuit making it easy to stock up on Pokéballs and walk your eggs.

Rexburg Nature Park

screenshot featuring water

The Nature Park, and its water.

The nature park is unique in that it has Pokéstops and water next to each other. Yes, it is possible to catch water Pokémon here! There are often people here who will throw down lures, making it an enticing place to go. While you are at it, you might as well feed the ducks or play some disc golf.


I haven’t played enough to make sure that there aren’t better places, but, from research, finding places where you can sit down and have two Pokéstops with lure modules and a gym will lead to the most amount of Pokémon being found.

Good luck, and go Catch em’ all!

If you have any other hints or tips, that you want added to the article (with attribution) drop us a line at contactus@rexburgonline.com

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