3 Caves to Explore around Rexburg

Caves are one of the funnest things to explore around Rexburg. While many of them are well known, there are some that you may not have visited yet. Check out these caves

Darby Wind Caves Idaho

58 Miles from Rexburg

Wind Caves Idaho Beautiful scenery, a pleasant hike, and a rewarding cave all describe the moderate hike to the Wind Caves Idaho in Darby Canyon. In the summertime, you will see patches…

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Civil Defense Caves

24 Miles from Rexburg

The Civil Defense Caves The Civil Defense caves are lava tubes. Lava tubes are formed when molten lava flows steadily in a confined channel for many hours or days. The flows develop…

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Ice Caves

28 Miles from Rexburg

The Ice Caves are a fantastic way to spend time during the hot summers. Originally lava tubes, the caves have developed year-round ice. It is suggested to wear a jacket, warm clothes…

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Craters of the Moon National Monument

120 Miles from Rexburg

Craters of the Moon is a protected area which features are volcanic and represent one of the best-preserved  flood basalt areas in the continental United States. The Visitor Center is near the monument’s only entrance. Various…

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Teton Dam Site

15.3 Miles from Rexburg

History The Teton Dam was an earthen dam built by the Bureau of Reclamation. On June 5, 1976, tragedy struck. As the Dam began to fill for the first time, Rexburg Idaho…

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