Disaster has struck in Texas. Hurricane Harvey seems to have taken over the states of Texas and Louisiana. Many people have evacuated their homes, and there have been at least 31 deaths and many more injuries from the storm. This is a time when, as a nation, we gather together to help those victims who have lost everything! So how can we help?

Donate Money:

The biggest thing we can do from Idaho is to donate money. That jar of coins and cash that you have been saving for a rainy day? Now is the time to use it. The victims have lost everything. We can help by giving a few dollars. Your money will be used for clean up, food, and any other things that victims from Hurricane Harvey might need.

Where to donate money:

  1. Google– For every $1 donated, Google will donate $1
  2. Red Cross
  3. Catholic Charities
  4. Donor’s Choose
  5.  Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
  6. Salvation Army

Stay where you are:

Yes, we all want to get up and drive down to the south to offer our services, but don’s rush to the rescue without checking it out first. Trained professionals and volunteers are already doing their best to help. Due to more potential flooding, relief officials have asked everyone to stay off the roads to prevent more accidents. If your services are needed, however, remember, you can claim a tax deduction on donated money but not for your time.

Be Smart:

Many people are going to take advantage of Hurricane Harvey and use this disaster for their own personal gain. Be wary of solicitations over the phone or on your doorstep. Don’t send money by text or through apps unless you first make sure the organization is secure. If you don’t feel comfortable sending money through the internet, many organizations will have an alternative such as mail. Never send cash through the mail, however. Keep excellent records of your donations- the IRS requires it.

Make sure to double check the credentials of the organization so you know your money is actually going to Hurricane Harvey victims.

For more information, click HERE

Air BNB is waiving fees for those affected by the Disaster and checking in between August 23, and September 25.


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