New textbooks are expensive. Book Viking offers off campus solutions to getting books for college.  Now, Book Viking sells textbooks for 10-50% off regular prices and the rental price is usually half or less than their sale price.

Book Viking started out as a small group of BYU-I students. They started by buying their textbooks online and saving quite a bit of money. These students began selling textbooks to help other students out for 1/2 price of the campus bookstore. Now, they find online dealers and students who were willing to sell them textbooks for great deals.

How it works:

When you buy your textbooks from the BYUI Book Store:

  • You buy 5 books at $100 each = $500
  • On average, you get 40% back on the books = $200
  • Overall, you spent $300

When you buy your textbooks from Book Viking:

  • You rent 5 books at $30 each = $150
  • No return fee if you return it undamaged =$0
  • Overall, you spend $150

With Book Viking, you can save up to 50% on your textbooks!

Requesting a Textbook:

  • If you give Book Viking an advanced notice, they will stock your book.
  • When campus begins to use a new textbook or a new edition, let Book Viking know.
  • If you are the first student to let Book Viking know of an edition change or a new book, they will give you five dollars off your next purchase.

Because BYU-I is a private university, they are not required to publish an official book list. This means Book Viking is dependant on word of mouth of fellow students to know what books need to be stocked.  For faster service, be sure to include your ISBM, title, class schedule, author, and edition of the book when requesting a textbook.

Request a Textbook HERE