Kendall Davenport Paints the “Spirit of Life”

Kendall Davenport Fine Art was started 22 years ago in the spring of 1998. They have a gallery to enjoy visiting along with the option of purchasing beautiful original paintings.

Kendall paints panoramic landscape painting. Many of his paintings are inspired by areas close to Rexburg. He has also painted paintings of many temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Kendall paints the “spirit of life” into each of his paintings and the “spirit of eternal life” into his temple paintings.

About Kendall

Kendall is a sensitive artist who has found a way to paint landscape paintings in exquisite detail yet they come from his imagination and his heart. His paintings are not ordinary paintings. He has gone beyond traditional art forms and created a new art form which allows him to paint paintings with feelings of hope and renewal along with the delightful feeling of being in real nature. His paintings can bring you to a new realm, an exciting new place to be where you can feel the “spirit of life” that Kendall paints into each one. His paintings have sold widely from his own studio gallery and many other galleries including galleries in Jackson Wyoming.

Getting a Painting

Visit the Kendall Davenport Fine Art Gallery-studio and see these paintings up close. These powerful paintings in your space can lift and edify you and those around you daily with the spirit of life that brings hope and renewal. They also beautify and add a special elegance to your décor. Kendall Davenport Fine Art has been doing professional framing for 18 years. They also offer framing for anyone desiring framing for personal art or photography.

Kendall’s paintings are not ordinary paintings. He uses a new art form he created in order to paint the emotions, details and feelings he wanted to paint. Especially to paint “ the spirit of life” he wants to much to paint into these paintings. That spirit heals, bring hope and rejuvenation and belonging to the earth we want to feel. Each painting takes up to a year or longer to paint, so each one is so much more than a photograph.

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