Sawtooth Bags started as a student business through BYU-Idaho’s IBC program. We were a team of 14 students who came together to produce a range of products made from re-purposed billboard material. During our time as a student company, we sold many different products, our most popular being a duffle bag. When the semester ended, it was taken over by one of the members and continues today.

We took what learned as a student company and redesigned our duffle. Our new duffle is larger, with a wider opening and reinforced construction. We have partnered with a local production facility, Dawn Enterprises to produce our bags. We love that our bags are made locally in Blackfoot and from re-purposed materials. Billboard is a really unique material that is meant to last, through constant weathering. It is durable and easy to clean. Each bag has unique designs that stand out, just like each billboard.

We are working towards adding more products and growing our company. We will be continuing to launch new products as we grow. Backpacks, tote bags, and fanny packs will be back!  We sell at local events and offer free delivery in Rexburg. We are proud of our beginnings and look forward to our future.