The Upper Valley Toastmasters Club creates leaders! Come and join us to learn how to improve your leadership skills and your public speaking. Good leaders use good communication. The Upper Vally Toastmasters Club focuses on learning leadership skills through effective communication. Each meeting allows each member to play different roles in the Toastmasters Club! Come join us! Meetings are every Wednesday morning at 7:00 at Frontier Pies in the meeting room.


Toastmaster (Guide):

The toastmaster’s role is to conduct the meeting and to make sure that everyone is aware of their roles. Planned speeches are given by different members and are rotated each week. These speeches usually come out of different manuals. The Competent Communicator manual has 10 assignments ranging from the “Ice Breaker” to “Inspire Your Audience”. There are also 15 advanced manuals used in the Upper Vally Toastmasters Club.


The grammarian helps members of the Upper Valley Toastmasters Club to improve their vocabulary. They take note of the strong or weak use of the English language to help Toastmasters improve their vocabulary. Grammarians also help Attendees to incorporate a word of the day into their speeches.

Table Topics Master:

The Table Topics Master picks topics to give members of the Upper Valley Toastmasters Club for impromptu speeches. These topics should be picked in good taste, and speeches should be around 1 to 2 minutes. The objective is to practice speeches with no time to prepare ahead of time.

General Evaluator:

The General Evaluator assigns members to the prepared speeches to evaluate. These evaluations should last about 2 to 3 minutes each. Each evaluation should provide constructive criticism and positive feedback.


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