Upper Mesa Falls is one of the most impressive geological sites in Eastern Idaho. The thunderous noise of the falls is as great as the destruction of a 10 story building. The whole Snake River pours over the crest and drops 114 feet to the canyon floor with an explosion of spray.

The wood walks and railings make it possible for one to view this beautiful fall from relative safety. A ramp from the parking lot to the falls makes it handicapped accessible. The scenic view is spectacular as you are standing within a few feet of the water going over the falls. The Lower Mesa Falls which is situated 1 mile upstream is 65 feet high.

The two Mesa Falls are the last undisturbed waterfalls of consequence in the western U.S.



  • Restrooms
  • Wood walks and railings
  • Mesa Falls Visitor Center is open daily in the summer
  • Winter access only available by snowmobile or skis

Directions From Rexburg:

  1. Head north out of town like you are going to Walmart
  2. Turn right to merge onto US-20 E toward St Anthony/W Yellowstone
  3. Drive to ID-47 N/Mesa Falls Scenic Byway (about 18 minutes)
  4. Turn right onto E 1200 N
  5. Turn left onto ID-32
  6. Turn right onto ID-47 N/Mesa Falls Scenic Byway  (11.5 mi)
    Mesa Falls Scenic Byway Ashton, ID 83420
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