Discover Moody Meadow

Moody Meadow is a less known, yet wonderful place for those visiting the Eastern Idaho Area. There are tons of things to do. You are allowed to camp up to 5 days in succession. You are required to pack out your trash, and don’t expect there to be any toilets. There are even huckleberry groves found throughout that are free to be picked, as long as a bear doesn’t beat you to it first. Speaking of bears, it is wise to bring some sort of bear deterrent. Bear spray can be rented from the BYU-Idaho Outdoor Resource Center ($6.00) as well as be purchased at the local outdoor shops.

During the winter, the roads into this area might not be maintained. Don’t expect to have a maintained path.

What to Bring

Of course its dusty. Expect your vehicle to be caked in dust (even in the door jams) by the time that you leave. Bring cloths that you can get dirty in. The mountains are regularly quite cooler than the snake river valley. Bring a jacket and warm clothing in case it gets too cold. Flashlights are a necessity, as are bug spray to void off the misquotes.

Getting to Moody Meadow

Don’t expect the drive to Moody Meadow to be a light one. You are required to travel through cell service stricken areas, long dusty dirt roads and windy turns. The road to the meadows traverses along the ever so slowly climbing hills until you reach the Targhee National Forest.

Fields near Targhee National Forest

A common view along the drive.

There are plenty of fields that you wind through on your drive out. Expect to see some farm equipment possibly on the road. Whilst driving, maintain a modest speed. There are rolling hills, and people often don’t drive on their side throughout. Keep an eye out for dust clouds of oncoming traffic.

Onlooking Cattle

Onlooking Cattle near the national park

I’m sure that depending on the time of year, you will see plenty of these during your expedition. In fact, there is a lot of BLM land on this drive as well as in the national forest its self. There were cows who surely could venture over close to where people camp.

Camping at Moody Meadow

You will know that you have reached the meadow once you are in the national forest. There will be plenty of cattle guards, and eventually you will spill onto a field with a rock/gravel loop inside of it. Feel free to camp where there is space available. Make sure to adhere to the rules posted near the entrance of the park.


A simple campsite at Moody Meadow

Campsites are not assigned, nor do they cost money. Instead, respect the land by not polluting it with trash and other man made materials.

North Moody Creek

North Moody Creek at Moody Meadow

Nearby this particular campsite, there was the north moody creek.

Moody Meadow Wasp Nest

A wasp nest near Moody Meadow and Moody Creek

Regardless of where you camp, you can have a great experience in this park. Being surrounded in a mixed pine and broad leafed forest offers wonderfully fresh air with a hint of pine. Now, get out there and enjoy the beauty of the land!


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