School is here already! Can you believe it? It’s what you and your kids have been looking forward to all summer (not really)! Whether we like it or not, school is here. To make the transition from summer to school a little easier, we have gathered together these tips for students and parents!


The first few days of school is great! No homework, no school work, no nothing! Then, all of the sudden, it seems like your child is drowning in homework! Here is an article for ways to take control of homework (open new tab).

You can also try to be proactive and prepare for homework that will be assigned. It may also help to set aside time in your children’s schedule right off the bat to work on homework. For those first few days you can have them read or watch educational videos. It will help children transition if they have a consistent time to work on their homework.


School lunches can be expensive, but they do save you a lot of time. If you decide to use home lunches, it can be less stressful to make the lunches the night before. That way you aren’t rushed in the morning, and you have plenty of time to get you and your kids ready! Lunches brought from home can also be a lot healthier than what they serve at school. Check out this article on ways to pack a healthy lunch for your kids!

School Supplies

If you haven’t bought your child’s school supplies, it is not to late. Many supplies can be pick up at our local Walmart, Porters Office Supply,and Porters Craft and Frame. I personally love Amazon because then I don’t even have to leave my home to get all of my shopping done. However, if you are interested in supporting local businesses, there are quite a few places to pick up your school supplies. Here is some information about your child’s supply list published by their school:

Sugar-Salem School District Supply Lists

Central Elementary School Supplies (open new tab)

Kershaw Intermediate Supply List (open new tab)

Junior High Supply List (open new tab)

High School Supply List (open new tab)

Madison School District 321 School Information

South Fork Elementary (open new tab)

Lincoln Elementary (open new tab)

Kennedy Elementary (open new tab)

Hibbard Elementary (open new tab)

Burton Elementary (open new tab)

Adams Elementary (open new tab)

Madison Middle School (open new tab)

Madison Junior High (open new tab)

Central High School (open new tab)

Madison High School (open new tab)

Fall Sports

You may be getting slips of paper or emails about the sports teams that schools and other groups are organizing for fall sports. If your children have extra time and are looking for activities after school, signing them up for a fall sport can be a great idea for you and your child. Being part of a sports team teaches valuable skills like teamwork, of course, as well as endurance, perseverance, and hard work, to name a few. Contact your child’s school to learn more.

Sugar-Salem School District

Sports Calendar (open new tab)

For Madison’s sports schedule, each one is found on the individual school’s website.

School can be an exciting time and also a scary time. Take advantage of the information that each school publishes on their website to stay informed. Remember, knowledge is power!