Can you believe that firework stands only opened Monday?? If you want a great display of your own by the 4th, you better get on it!

Here is everything you need to know from where to buy them to what is legal in Idaho.

Where to buy fireworks in Rexburg:

Buying fireworks in Rexburg are convenient and supports our local community. Look for deals on Facebook or signs that are posted. If you see a special at one location, often times another stand might price match. These are typically run by residents of Rexburg, and they want to bring a lot of 4th of July spirit to our town. All of the stands have similar pricing in Rexburg.

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Places outside of Rexburg to buy fireworks:

Often, there are better prices further out from Rexburg. If you have the time, sometimes shopping in Wyoming or Montana can save you some money.

$100 Budget? Here’s what to get!

Here is an old, but good guide on what types of fireworks there are. I would suggest planning before you buy. Know how much you are going to spend, and figure out what you really want! If you want a big bang, something with the name “Salute” will suit you. Want to know what the names of the effects?

  • Sparklers ($.55 avg) Get $3 worth
  • Tanks ($.50 avg) Get $5 worth
  • Snakes ($.60 avg) Get $6 worth
  • Misc. Fountains ($1 avg) Get $20 worth
  • Grand Finale Fountains ($40 avg) Get $65 worth

*Assortment packages typically provide the most bang for your buck! Look for specials on Facebook and other miscellaneous sales.

Remember, that the Law still applies in Idaho. Don’t purchase fireworks that are against the regulations set forth by the state, otherwise, it could be dangerous for your friends and family.

Firework Laws in Idaho:

  • Permitted
    • Non-aerial fireworks (ground spinners, fountains, sparklers, smoke devices, or snakes.)
  • Prohibited
    • Any fireworks not specifically permitted, like firecrackers, jumping jacks, or other similar products.
    • Fireworks are not allowed to emit sparks or showers more than 20 feet vertically

Where to set off fireworks in Rexburg:

We talked to the Rexburg Police Department so you don’t have to.

  1. If you don’t have your own property to light off fireworks, you need to ask permission from the property owner.
  2. You can’t light fireworks off in public parks.
  3. Use common sense.

Happy Fourth of July!!