The People Behind Rexburg Online

Connor Kunz

Connor joined the Rexburg Online Team as one of the first official collaborators. He loves to adventure outdoors, and tends to bring the best out of those around him.



Christine Pearson

Chistine is always itching to get outside and explore the outdoors. She loved the idea of working with Rexburg Online to help those around rexburg to find great places to have fun.


Courtney Mitchell

I’m a southern girl; North Carolina born & raised. I’ve had a camera in hand since my elementary days. I never imagined being able to take on photography as a career, but dreams do come true.


Alexander Ary

Alexander helps to manage the Rexburg Online team.


Flower Hairstyle

Kimberly Ary

Kimberly loves to see spectacular places, and do incredible things.

black solhouette of Tetons