Whether you’re a seasoned paintballer who’s sick of paying too much for paintball or have never played, we’ve got what you want. Xtreme Outdoor features the cheapest CO2 fills in town backed by our Full Fill Guarantee. We carry quality paint at an affordable price. Not only do we have great rental deals but we’ll actually let you take the gear with you. Call or text us 208-515-2005. Also look for us on social media!

Free Fields

Xtreme Outdoor does not own/maintain any paintball fields. There are many free and private paintball fields in the area.


Off-site paintball rentals are quite possibly the most convenient option in paint balling. You just pick up the gear, go play, and return the gear later. You can keep the equipment for up to two days (for weekend rentals, equipment may be picked up Friday and dropped off on Monday for no additional charge).

There are just 4 easy steps for Off-Site Rentals

  1. Make arrangements with Xtreme Outdoor Rental
  2. Pickup the equipment
  3. Play paintball
  4. Drop off the equipment

There are 5 steps for On-Site Rentals (Groups of 10 or more)

  1. Make arrangements with Xtreme Outdoor Rental
  2. Meet up with attendant at the free field of your choice
  3. Sign Waivers
  4. Play Paintball
  5. Pay for rentals

Check out our On-Site Cost Estimator