A somewhat hidden community, the talented musicians of Rexburg often come together to share their talents- and you can have a listen! Local bands and artists play around town weekly, bringing unique sounds and original songs to the stage, often for free. Local music is the best way to get to know more people, have a good time and enjoy how talented Rexburg really is. And the best way to find that here is at the Burg. That’s right. The burger joint.

Upstairs of the Burg

Weekly Music

The Burg (located just west of the campus I-Center) hosts three different music nights a week, sure to fulfill the music itch you have. At 8 on Tuesday nights, you can swing by to listen to and sing along with karaoke night, sure to bring laughs and a good time.

Local bands performOn Thursday nights at 8, local artists come and play at a weekly Open Mic night. These nights are dedicated to anyone who wants to share their talent (usually music, sometimes poetry or comedy) to come and perform for the crowd. Most musicians play 2-3 songs, oftentimes limited to 3 because of how many people want to play. The sound system is high quality and the talent is even better.

Every weekend, they also host a Live Music Event. Most of these events are full sets (1-2 hours) from local artists and bands on Friday or Saturday nights. Popular bands to play events include Vic Fox, Forest Fires and Motion Coaster. Last year, the Burg even hosted festival weekends including the Burg Fest and Fall Fest. Follow the Burg on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new artists and shows.

The microphone is calling your name, too! Head over to some of these events and become a part of the music community. You’ll be sure to find someone that will show you the ropes and encourage you to step up on stage. The local music scene is one of friendliness and support. Try going up to artists that impressed you and start up a conversation. You’ll meet great, talented friends in no time- don’t be shy!

Since the closing of other local music hot spots, including Skizzy’s, artists have started to flock toward the Burg as one of the few remaining local music stages. But that isn’t to say it’s a dying community. If anything, the music of Rexburg has been flourishing at its new venue where they just happen to sell a great burger, too.

Local Music For BYU-Idaho Students

There are also a few shows on campus that highlight the university’s talent. Check out these talent shows here. Semester music shows include Acoustic Cafe, BYU-I’s Got Talent and I-Cover.

Every Tuesday night, they also host an Open Mic night in the Manwaring Center building at 8 p.m.

So, if you are a listener or a singer, get out there and enjoy the talent of Rexburg!