Hancock lake is a beautiful, seemingly untouched place near Rexburg. The deep color of the water in addition to the dense forests and wildlife offer a beautiful experience for all. Hancock lake lies just over 3,300 feet from the more commonly traveled Aldous Lake. Hancock lake lies near the continental divide and has limited camping spots. The trail between Aldous Lake and Hancock  is a little rough but you will find more solitude than the trail to Aldous Lake. Expect there to be many boulders and rocks surrounding the water.

Hancock Lake

Hancock Lake


Aldous Lake

The trail to Aldous Lake begins by the side of Ching Creek and leads uphill into an evergreen forest. This hike is a great day hike for beginners and it is a wonderful overnight stay for a family with younger children.


  • Camp Tables
  • Fire Rings
  • 1099 Feet Climb
  • Heavily wooded trail to Beautiful Alpine Lakes
  • Great Fishing

Tips for Visiting:

  • Accessible from June until November
  • 4.3 mile In and Out Hike to Aldous Lake
  • Camping Spots Limited around Hancock Lake

Directions From Rexburg:

  1. Take N Salem Rd and Red Rd to Antelope Valley Rd in Clark County (52 min – 41.7 mi)
  2. Forest Road 027 Lima, ID 59739

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