Monkey Rock is a popular swimming place for Idahoans of all ages, but most commonly, BYU-I college students are its visitors. The water temperature is usually cool, but it is welcome during the hot summer months. The waterfall is not only a fun feature but a beautiful backdrop for engagement photos. 

The name “Monkey Rock” comes from all the crazy people who jump off it into the pool below. Although it is not very high up, many people have gotten hurt, so use caution. Throughout the year, the water level alternates, so use common sense when jumping off the rocks.

When the water level is low, many people use monkey rock as a slide.  If all else fails, this is a great spot for swimming.

It is about 20 minutes from Rexburg and is also a great spot for bonfires!

*Use caution and good judgment when jumping off the falls or going down the slide.  There are large rocks underneath the surface of the water. There is also a concrete water canal upstream which angles down under the bridge. Underwater currents can cause you to get stuck under the bridge.


Monkey rock surprisingly has a large amount of trout swimming right up against the falls. One of the best methods by multiple anglers is to cast a nightcrawler directly into the falls and let it drift until you feel a bite. there are a couple of large rocks to snag on while you drift your line. Visit Idaho Fish and Game to see laws and bag limits for fishing this area.

Things to Bring:

  • Swim Suit/Board Shorts
  • Water Shoes
  • Towel
  • Sun Glasses
  • Camera
  • Warm Clothes for after Jumping
  • Life Jacket
  • First Aid Kit
  • Cell Phone

Directions From Rexburg:

  1. Get on US-20 E in the direction of St. Anthony
  2. Continue straight for 5.7 miles
  3. Turn Right onto E 300 N/ Cemetery Road
  4. Continue straight for 3.6 miles
  5. Turn left onto N 2600 E for 1/2 of a mile
  6. Turn right onto E 350 N for 1.2 miles
  7. Monkey Rock will be on the right.


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  • Aaron Dalling says:

    Monkey Rock is located on private property and the falls are located on a privately owned canal. This is not a public river. You need permission to go there.

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