The Ririe Dam was built for flood control and irrigation in 1972. The body of water in Ririe Lake covers 1,560 acres. It is emptied each fall for farming needs, but it offers some of the best boating in the summer. Fish can be caught from the boat dock at the bottom of the canyon or from a boat. Picnic facilities are available in the junipers at the top of Ririe Reservoir with water skiing and fishing within view for all to enjoy. Camping is also available. To enter the park there is an entry fee of $5.00. Call 208-538-7285 for any other info on Ririe Reservoir


Overnight camping fees include $20 for a tent area and $25 The Juniper Park Campground is located at the top of the Ririe Reservoir above the boat ramp. Camping areas have shelters available for reservation. Area also includes picnic tables, fire rings, boat launch, mooring slips, fishing and destination docks, and vault restrooms.


The park has multiple boat ramps and large parking areas to provide ease of access for you and your equipment.


Ririe Reservoir is a great place to fish, especially if you have access to a boat, canoe, or kayak. Most bank areas to fish are not accessible without a boat but there are a few docks to fish from. The water runs very deep in the center of the reservoir. Typical game fish are listed below including suggested bait types.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout can be caught from boats or the shore. Nightcrawlers, canned corn, or salmon eggs are great for catching trout. Also consider using a marshmallow to float the bait off the bottom. Orange and green marshmallows are great for catching the trout. From the boat, using things like small spinners, rooster tails, or small spoons are great as well. Once again consider orange and green colors or natural colors.

Kokanee Salmon

These fish prefer open waters. Kokanee Salmon will school about 15 to 20 feet above the bottom of the reservoir. Trolling for them is the best way to find them in the reservoir and once you find a school you will catch fish after fish. A variety of lures and spoons can be successful in catching Kokanee salmon.

Smallmouth Bass

Bass prefer being near the shorelines in rocky areas or near brush. Bass are aggressive and will bite jigs, spinner baits, spoons, and crankbaits. Using nightcrawlers or other live baits is another successful way to catch bass. Cast near these brushy areas or near rocky outcroppings and you should have some success.

Yellow Perch

Yellow perch are not picky fish. They can be found near shorlines and moderately deep water. They school and will bite at anything that really fits in their mouth. You can use perch as bait after catching one. Their eyes and belly meat are great to bait a hook and catch other fish. These fish produce rapidly so don’t be afraid to keep lots of them.

See Idaho Fish and Game for all details on bag limits and laws to help preserve the reservoir.


1. From Rexburg, get on the Yellowstone Highway going south.

2. Take a left turn onto the Archer Highway (the one that takes you past Big Juds)

3. Follow this road straight (although the road curves) until you get to Ririe

4. As you enter Ririe, the speed limit drops to 25 mph. Take a left onto Main St.

5. Drive slowly through Ririe. You’ll pass the High School on your right side.

6. Take a left onto the Swan Valley Highway (there should be a Sinclair gas station on your left side).

7. Drive a mile and a half, and you’ll see signs pointing to the right, leading you to the Ririe Dam.

8. After turning, following this road for a few miles. You should see the park entrance with a toll station on your right side.

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