Needing something fun to do later in the evening? Here are 10 super fun games to play in any of the Rexburg Parks including Smith Park, Porter Park, and even the nature park! All that is needed for these games is a large group of people, and a large open space. These parks turn into a perfect place to have fun not only during the day, but also at night!

Fish Out of Water

In this game, you will use the playground and the space around it. One person is chosen as “it” and goes to an entrance to the play ground. Everyone else gets on the playground in random places. The person who is “it” spins around in a circle three time and, with their eyes closed, gets onto the playground. They then feel around and try to touch at least one person. The searcher (the person who is “it”) can use the phrase, “Fish out of water,” but they are not allowed to say it repetitively. Everyone else is allowed to get off of the playground and go somewhere else, but if they are touching the ground and the person who is “It” says fish out of water, than they are now the new searcher. Smith Park or Porter Park would be a great places for this game!

Murder in the Dark

For this game you need a piece of paper. Rip off enough small pieces for everyone. Draw an ‘X’ on all the papers except one. On the last draw an ‘O”.  Put these papers in a hat and have everyone draw a piece out. Don’t show anyone your piece of paper so your identity remains hidden. Who ever drew out the ‘O’ is now the murderer. The murder’s task is to “kill” everyone in the group without being caught. After each round, the murder will accomplish this task by running their finger softly across someones throat. They are only allowed to kill 1-2 people per round. At the beginning of each round, everyone begins to wander around with their eyes closed (not including the people who have been killed). The murder is allowed to keep their eyes open. The murder then makes his “kill” and continues to walk around pretending as if nothing happens. The person who was killed falls to the ground and stays there until someone finds them. The person who feels the “body” on the ground shouts “Body, Body!”, and the round ends. At the end of each round, accusations are made to try to figure out who the murder is. Two people who potentially are the murders are nominated by the group. A final vote is taken, and the person with the most votes tells the group whether or not they are the murderer. If they were not the murderer, they die and have to sit out with the rest of the people who have been “killed.”
If the murder was discovered through accusation, the game ends. If the murderer avoids accusation until the last person, they play a game of tag. Whoever gets tagged first “dies”. If the murder is tagged, then the citizens win, however if the last citizen is tagged, the murderer wins. Porter park would be a good location for this game because it has a flat field which would be a safe location.

Ghost in the Graveyard

In this game, a person is chosen as the “ghost” and finds a hiding spot while everyone else chooses the base. They begin to count, ” One O’ Clock, two O’ Clock, Three O’ Clock rock …. 10 O’ Clock 11 O’ Clock Midnight!” When midnight is yelled, everyone splits off and tries to find the ghost. When the ghost is found, the person who found them yells, “Ghost in the Graveyard!”. The ghost then tries to tag as many people as possible. Everyone tries to get back to the base before being tagged by the “ghost”. If they are tagged, they become “ghosts” also, and in the next round they hide. This game continues until everyone becomes “ghosts.”


One person is chosen to go and hide. Everyone else closes their eyes and gives the hider a reasonable amount of time to find a good hiding place. Once the time is up, everyone begins to search for the person hiding. When they find that person, they hide in the hiding place with the hider. The last person to find the chosen person is “It” the next round. The game is a hoot when the hider chooses a small hiding place and it has to accommodate everyone, hence the name “Sardines.”

Capture the Flag

Add glow sticks to this classic game for a new adventure! Each team gets a certain color of glow bracelet. Create a line in between the two teams with glow sticks. Get two items, like a bandanna or old t-shirt, and break open the corresponding team’s glow stick on top of it, making the item glow the team’s color. Place the items an even distance away from the middle line. The goal of the game is to get the other team’s item onto your side. If you are tagged by a player on the other team, you must go to ‘prison’, which should be located on the opposing teams side near the flag. The only way to get out of prison is to have someone from your team come and tag you. However, you are only allowed to tag one person inside of the prison. Once tagged, you get a free walk back to your side, meaning you cannot be put in jail again until you get to your side. Once the opposing teams flag has been captured, it must pass the middle line in order for it to count as a win. If the person carrying the flag is tagged on the opposing teams side, he or she goes to jail, and the flag is dropped where the person got tagged. Porter Park is the perfect location for this game because of the wide open space next to the carousal!


For this game, you will need to choose two locations. The farther apart they are, the more fun it will be. Have a few people of your group be dubbed “Cops”. These people will be carrying flash lights. The other members of the group, the fugitives, are dropped at one location, and the cops are dropped off at the other. The goal of this game is to get to the other location without being caught by the police officers. The police officers catch you by shining the flash light, and calling you out by name. Once they catch you, you are out. Whoever gets to the other location without being caught wins.


The group is divided into two lines facing each other. One person at the beginning of one line steps out in between the two lines, and one person from the end of the other line steps out. They face away from each other. Everyone in the group then counts to three. On three, the two in the middle turn around and face each other. Two people shine a flash light on each of them. The two people in the middle must say ‘Huggoo’ without smiling, and they must try to make the other person laugh. They must pass each other without laughing. If they accomplish this, they get back into their line at the end on either side. If one person laughs, they must get in the opposite line. If both laugh, they go in the opposite line.

Glow in the Dark Frisbee

Glow in the dark Frisbee is a great way spend one on one time with someone. What is so great about this is that you can do it with a big group or a small group! All you need is a glow in the dark Frisbee. These are available at Walmart or online. A cheaper version would be to buy a regular Frisbee and glow sticks. All you need to do is cut the glow sticks in half, and cover the Frisbee with the neon liquid. The nature park even has a Frisbee golf course which would be great for this activity! Before it gets dark, just mark it with a glow stick so you’ll know where they are at!

 Flashlight Tag

All this game requires is a flashlight and some friends! One person is ‘it’ and turns around and counts to ten. Everyone else must find a hiding spot. Once the ten seconds are up, the person who is ‘it’ tries to find everyone else using the flashlight. If you get caught in the beam of the flashlight, you are out! The last survivor is the winner!

Prison Guard

In this game, one person is chosen to be the prison guard. This person turns around, and counts to 15. Everyone else goes and hides. The prison guard then begins to search for the prisoners. If you are found, you must follow the prison guard. The prison guard is not allowed to look behind him, so you can escape and re-hide. However, if you are found three times, then you are the new prison guard.

These games are a great way to spend a night with all of your friends! However, be mindful of the people around you! They may want to get some sleep!

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