While the public pool count if fairly low in Rexburg, there are plenty of place to go swimming including several free options.

List of Swimming Locations

Rexburg Rapids (paid)

Rexburg Rapids water slides

Probably the most obvious place to go swimming (and the only real public pool) is Rexburg Rapids.In addition to a pool, they have water slides, a lazy river, and a splash park for kids. They are open Monday – Friday and located at 50 W 2nd N, Rexburg, ID 83440. For more information visit Rexburg Rapids.

Warm Slough (free)

Warm Slough Bend

Located just 8 miles from Rexburg, the Warm Slough is a gentle section of the Henry’s Fork.  It’s free and a great way to spend a relaxing summer afternoon. The float can take around 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the speed of the current. For more information visit Warm Slough.

The Sand Bar (free)

panorama of the Sandbar in St. Anthony

The Sand Bar is a public park in St. Anthony, Idaho the sits next to The Henry’s Fork River.  It’s been a popular swimming spot for over 60 years.

The star attraction is the diving board and water slides. It also has a playground, sandbox, and roped off section for swimming.

Monkey Rock (free)

Monkey Rock waterfall

Monkey rock is a nice place to go swimming.  There’s a great waterfall that adds to the ambiance.  Many people like to jump off the top into the water below, but it’s important to exercise caution as there are rocks and other hazards that could cause you grief if you’re not careful. For more information visit Monkey rock.

Update 8/4/2017: A sign has been posted warning swimmers of high levels of bacteria. Swim at your own risk. Also, prepare for hordes of mosquitos during the summer months.

Directions From Rexburg:

  1. Get on US-20 E from ID-33 W
  2. Continue on E 400 N. Drive to E 350 N
  3. Turn left onto E 350 N Destination will be on the right
  4. Monkey Rock is right next to the road, so no need to worry about a long walk.

Egin Lakes ($5/Day)

4-wheelers at Sand Dunes near the water.

Egin Lake is a shallow body of water tucked away on the south end of the Sand Dunes.  It’s a great place to cool off in the summer.  The water only gets about waist deep which makes it nice for both kids and adults. For more information visit Egin Lake.

Green Canyon (paid)

Green Canyon indoor swimming pool

Enjoy a relaxing time at Green Canyon Hot Springs. It is a popular place for family reunions, church group gatherings, and vacationers. It is never empty!

Camping spots are also available. Many campers also purchase all day passes to the hot springs. For more information visit Green Canyon Hot Springs.

Heise Hot Springs (paid)

outdoor swimming pool in Heise near Kelly Canyon

Nestled along Idaho’s famous Snake River, Heise Resort is just 20 miles east of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Heise Hot Springs has an outdoor pool and water slide near Kelly Canyon. For more information visit Heise Hot Springs.

Directions From Rexburg:

  1. Head south on S 3rd W toward W 2nd S
  2. Turn right onto W 4th S
  3. Continue onto S Yellowstone Hwy
  4. Turn left onto S 2000 W/Archer Rd Continue to follow S 2000 W
  5. Continue onto W 7800 S
  6. Slight right toward S 600 E/Archer Rd  Continue to follow Archer Rd
  7. Continue on Poplar Loop. Drive to E Heise Rd
  8. Turn left onto E 200 N/Heise Rd/Poplar Loop
  9. Continue straight onto N 4800 E/Heise Rd/Poplar Loop Continue to follow Heise Rd/Poplar Loop
  10. Slight left onto E 100 N/Heise Rd/Poplar Loop
  11. Slight left onto N 5050 E
  12. Turn right onto E Heise Rd Destination will be on the right. 
  13. Heise Hot Springs Inc 5116 East Heise Road, Ririe, ID 83443

Lava Hot Springs (paid)

outdoor olympic swimming pool in Lava Hot Springs

This one is a bit further out than the rest, but still deserves mentioning.  Lava is a tiny resort town just south of Pocatello. It features an Olympic sized pool with tall water slides, diving areas, and an indoor pool with a play area.  If you’d rather just relax, there’s also a hot spring area where people come to just sit and take in the waters. For more information visit Lava Hot Springs.

top down view Hot Pools in Lava Hot Springs

If you are interested in swimming, there are many places near Rexburg, both developed and undeveloped. Enjoy!

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