Kidsburg is the perfect place for kids of all ages! Kidsburg offers 5,000 square feet of hands-on experiences such as exhibits, building areas, and art. This discovery center allows for both kids and parents to get out of the house during cold, winter months. This is the perfect place for you and your kids to learn and have fun in a safe and welcoming environment! Kidsburg inspires a lifelong love of learning for every child.

So how did this get started?

The city of Rexburg received a high five grant which, according to Jeff Crowther, the Recreation Director, is “to help improve a healthy lifestyle and active play for kids”. Kidsburg’s main goal is to provide a fun, family environment where kids and parents can be active together. Because of this, Kidsburg strongly encourages parents to play with their kids. The city of Rexburg renovated part of the zone that is dedicated to Kidsburg, although, along with admission, parents and children have access to the whole building. This discovery center does not have an age limit. There are activities for the whole family including basketball courts, an indoor turf for soccer, and nerf guns so that your early tweens and teens can enjoy themselves as well.

What is Kidsburg?

Kidsburg is a representation of the city of Rexburg. With shops and buildings designed after stores in Rexburg, kids have the opportunity to pretend to be their parents. Different shops include a grocery store, a bank, a doctor’s office and many more. Children can drive cars around this makeshift town or learn to be a farmer. A construction area provides the perfect opportunity for kids to be creative and build whatever they want. Other amenities include a toddler area for kids under 18 months and a mother’s room.

Kidsburg is open on Monday 10 am – 7 pm and Tuesday – Saturday 10-6. Regular Admission for kids is $4. Parens or Guardians and children under 12 months are free with Child’s Admission