Spring is the perfect time for love to blossom, but here in Rexburg, Spring doesn’t come until May or June. Let your love blossom even if it’s still cold outside!

Date Ideas

  1. Go to the BYU- Idaho Greenhouse and have a picnic:  The greenhouse offers a rain forest and a desert room. This date will make it feel like springtime and give you both a chance to relax and talk.
  2. Bundle up and become a tourist in Rexburg: If you were a tourist in Rexburg, what places would you want to see? Take some time to plan a visit to some special places in Rexburg that you have never been to before, like the Museum of Rexburg.
  3. PedicureGet a pedicure together: You will be surprised at how much fun it can be! Plus, your girl will be really grateful!
  4. Make a fort and watch your favorite movie: This is the perfect way to spend the evening. There is nothing better than having a little time to cuddle up!
  5. Go stargazing: Who doesn’t love looking at the stars? The BYU- Idaho planetarium in the perfect place to go. Shows are every Thursday at 7:00 pm in the Romney Building.
  6. Hit up some new features in the area: There’s always something new happening in the area. For example, the East Idaho Aquarium just opened up in Idaho Falls. Take your date there and marvel at the beauty of the sea.
  7. Enjoy a BYU-I Dance: BYU-Idaho offers a variety of dances ranging from Swing to Country and even Latin Dancing.
  8. Head to the Gravity Factory: The Gravity Factory in Rexburg is a fun way to show off your skills and just enjoy some fun time together!
  9. Make homemade ice cream in a bag!: It doesn’t require a lot of supplies and is super fun and yummy! Check it out HERE!
  10. Make dinner as a couple: Save some money by making a delicious, homemade dinner. When you work together, it makes things so much more fun. Plus, if dinner tastes awful, you can always laugh it off together with some takeout!cook a romantic dinner
  11. Watch some Comedy Shows: Check out some awesome comedy shows that are put together by students on campus. On a date, laughter is a must, so get it started with comedy!
  12. Play 20 questions: If you want to stay in and really get to know each other, take some time to play this super fun game! You take turns asking a question while both answering the questions. This is a lot of fun and it can get deep really quickly.
  13. Carve Something: It doesn’t need to be fall to practice your carving skills. Look for carving ideas and carve a watermelon or pineapple together.
  14. Do an indoor camping date: Even though it is cold outside, you can do lots to make it fun! Roast marshmallows over the stove and make s’mores or wrap up some tinfoil dinners and throw them in the oven.
  15. Puzzle heartWork on a puzzle together: This is a great way to take some time to laugh and talk about life.
  16. Head down to the Museum of Idaho: Dinosaurs in Motion. This exhibit is designed to bring science and art together. It also doubles as a great date! This exhibit goes through April 22.

You can make this season a season for great dates with this list. Leave us a comment with any more ideas that you have!