Being cooped up is not fun, but it is a necessity to stop the spread of COVID-19. We know that it’s been hard on parents, kids, and employees, so we’ve created a list of fun things that can be done without spreading germs! Let us know if you have any other fun ideas in the comments below!

Indoor Activities:


  • 31. Eye Spy
  • 32. Charades
  • 33. 20 questions
  • 34. Indoor Scavenger Hunt
  • 35. Card Games
  • 36. Hide and Seek
  • 37. Indoor Bowling
  • 38. Spoons… or get crazy and play ultimate spoons!
  • 39. Minute to Win it
  • 40.Indoor Camping
  • 41. Set up a Photo Booth
  • 42. Dance Party

Outdoor Activities:

  • 43. Have lunch on your front lawn
  • 44. Drive to somewhere you have never been before
  • 45. Go for a bike ride
  • 46. Play basketball, soccer, Frisbee golf or other outdoor sport
  • 47. Participate in an outdoor scavenger hunt
  • 48. Drive around town and see how many license plates you can find from other states
  • 49. Visit a drive through restaurant
  • 50. Try geocaching
  • 51. Grab some sidewalk chalk and decorate your driveway or the sidewalk in front of your house
  • 52. Play Pokemon Go

(Credit goes to Jamie Curtis)