40 Horse Cave is named after a legend of a horse thief. At one time, he hid 40 horses inside the cave to evade being caught. The steep terrain, combined with the sliding rocks make for this hike to be short and fun.

How to get there:

Take Wolverine Road into the Wolverine Canyon. The parking lot is just past 2 miles into the canyon, and you will know that you have gotten there when you see a large pullout on the right & left sides. The cave is up and to the left, and is visible from the road. There are no established trailheads, but the hike can be taken 1 of two ways. Either one that is straight up and more strenuous, or the other that is a little longer.

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  • Ben Larsen says:

    If you could get horses up there I would be surprised. Then if you could get that many horses in the cave I would be surprised. It’s fun to say you’ve been there but it’s not much of a cave. Maybe twenty feet deep and wide. But a good climb in loose rock but we took my wife’s mother there in her eighties. She lived in Goshen all her life and had never been to the cave.

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