The Romance Theater was first opened in 1917 and is considered one of Rexburg’s famous historical sites and is now owned by the city. Romance is in the process of renovating the theater’s interior, such as the ceilings, sound system, and walls. They want to keep the theater updated, lively, and to make it a place where you want to go back to!

Comfortable seating in the Romance Theater

The 100 year-old Rexburg Romance Theater is a place to go for a relaxing night with friends and family. Not only does it show movies, but the theater also holds enjoyable events, like bands and plays. The variety of showings definitely keeps the people of Rexburg interested and always wondering what is playing, or happening next. Be sure to stay in tune and don’t miss out on the events that Romance Theater has to offer!

What makes this Theater different from others is that you can actually rent it out for your own private events. Just be sure to call for more details. Romance Theater also has different showings scheduled each night, so be sure to follow them and don’t miss out on a favorite classic movie, event, or play, not normally shown anywhere else in Rexburg!

Future Showings 2017-2018:

  • November 17th & 18th- Beatells (Beatles Tribute Concert)
  • December 8th, 9th, 11th, 15th, & 16th- Martin Margret and the M.I.N.D.S.W.A.P.
  • December 18th- Muppet Christmas Carol Movie Night
  • December 22nd- It’s a Wonderful Life Movie Night
  • January 20th- TEDx Rexburg
  • January 26th- Singin’ in the Rain Movie Night
  • January 27th- My Fair Lady Movie Night
  • January 29th- Cinderella (1997) Movie Night
  • February 3rd- Newsies Movie Night
  • February 12th- Annie (1982) Movie Night
  • February 16th- Unsinkable Molly Brown Movie Night
  • February 17th- The Phantom of the Opera Movie Night
  • February 19th- Jurassic Park Movie Night
  • February 23rd- Princess Bride Movie Night
  • March 1st and 3rd- Rexburg’s Got Talent Round 1
  • March 10th- Miss Rexburg
  • March 16th- Rexburg’s Got Talent Semi-Finals
  • March 17th- Darby O’Gill and the Little People
  • March 23rd- Rexburg’s Got Talent Finals
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