The Sawtell Peak is a twelve-mile route that climbs to the top of the Sawtell Peak, a 9875-foot summit. The route follows a well-conditioned gravel road. This road, called Sawtell Peak Road, is located between the town of Island Park, Idaho, and Sawtell Summit. The views from the summit are truly something you don’t want to miss! Visitors get magnificent views of Yellowstone National Park, Henry’s Lake, Centennial Valley in Montana, and the Madison Valley. The Pioneer Mountains and the Grand Tetons are also visible of in the distance.

Tips for Visiting:

  • The Sawtell Peak Road is closed between November 1st and June 1st
  • Snowmobiles are prohibited during the winter months.
  • Although the road is in good condition, it does climb quite steeply and has many sharp turns
  • Because of the steepness of the road, trailers are not advised
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