The Idaho Centennial Carousel is Idaho’s only antique wooden carousel. It is one of 170 antique wooden carousels still existing in the United States.  The carousel is housed at Porter Park.

This beautiful antique wooden carousel was built by Spillman Engineering Company of New York in about 1926. It began life as a traveling carnival machine. In 1947 it was moved to Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Utah and then to Ogden, Utah. In 1952, a spirited group of Rexburg citizens were disappointed by a cancellation of their expected 4th of July carnival. They heard of the merry-go-round for sale in Ogden, Utah, raised $5,500 in cash and pledges and went down and bought it. It was set up with 2 days to spare.  The community had a wonderful 4th of July celebration.

Two years later a dome was built around the carousel to protect it from the weather. In 1976 the Teton Dam flood waters damaged it severely and several horses were lost. In 1988 the carousel was dismantled and skilled craftsmen restored it. It was renovated by 1990 in time to commemorate Idaho’s 100th birthday. It has 12 newly carved horses and 26 repaired horses along with repaired chariots. Today, it still runs using the original vintage music scrolls from the Stinson Band Organ Company in Ohio.



  • Working Carousel
  • Antique wooden Carousel
  • Authentic carousel music

Directions From Rexburg:

  1. Housed at Porter Park
  2. S 3rd W Rexburg, ID 83440

This carousel is a major attraction in Rexburg and a delight to people of all ages. It is considered a “jewel” of Porter Park in Rexburg. Although it is unique and has a rich history, it is not considered a museum piece but rather a working carousel for people to ride. It is open from Memorial Day – Labor Day.

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