Sheep Falls is a beautiful, scenic waterfall with rapids that flow through a narrow basalt chute on the North Fork of the Snake River near Island Park. Sheep Falls provides a pleasant hike and a well-maintained trail. This hike is rarely crowded. Sheep Falls is upstream from Upper and Lower Mesa Falls.

Near the waterfall,  you can find fire pits that past visitors have made. Campfires are permitted, however, they are dependent on current fire conditions. If you could like to camp here, contact Targhee National Forest to make sure it is ok. The rocks that surround this channel provide good traction rather than being slippery. Also, you can find formations in the rocks. These formations come from waterfalls in the past. They seem like little pots filled with water.

Aerial Shot of Sheep Falls

Aerial Shot of Sheep Falls

Sheep falls is a great place for kayaking. The canyon is filled with rocks, which create Rapids, so be cautious. This channel is an advanced kayaking experience. Be sure to have a guide or be experienced yourself. There is a part of the falls where it is calm enough to swim but be careful- there are currents that can sweep you off your feet and drag you down the waterfall.

Sheep Falls Hike:

  • Easier Hike
  • About a 15-minute hike
  • Vegetation lines the edges of the trail
  • You can hear the waterfall throughout the hike
  • You will drop about 200 ft in elevation

Tips for Visiting:

  • Accessible
  • Not crowded
  • Hiking- Wear sturdy Shoes
  • Water Sports on Sheep Falls
  • Amazing Sunsets and Sunrises
  • Be sure to bring your camera
  • 4 wheel drive is not required, but skillful driving is needed
  • Road conditions change according to the weather

Directions from Rexburg to Sheep Falls:

  1. Head north on S 3rd W toward w 1st S
  2. Turn left onto ID-33 W
  3. Turn right to merge onto US-20 E toward St. Anthony
  4.  Turn right onto Sheep falls Road
  5. Follow Sheep Falls Road for a while
  6. Turn left on 760 (Pictured Below)


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Photo Gallery

  • Rapids at Sheep Falls
    Rapids at Sheep Falls
  • Kayakers at Sheep Falls
    Kayakers at Sheep Falls
  • Kayaks at Sheep Falls
    Kayaks at Sheep Falls
  • Sheep Falls Cliffs
    Women standing on Sheep Falls Cliffs
  • Sheep Falls Flowers
    Sheep Falls White Flowers
  • Aerial Shot of Forest
    Aerial Shot of Forest
  • Aerial Shot of Sheep Falls
    Aerial Shot of Sheep Falls
  • Women pointing to sheep falls
    Women pointing to sheep falls

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