Historical Sites

Johnny Sack Cabin

64 Miles from Rexburg

Johnny Sack Cabin Johnny Sack Cabin is located at Big Springs, five miles east of Mack’s Inn on Highway 20 in Island Park, Idaho. The cabin can be reached via a short,…

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Upper Mesa Falls

43 Miles from Rexburg

Upper Mesa Falls is one of the most impressive geological sites in Eastern Idaho. The thunderous noise of the falls is as great as the destruction of a 10 story building. The whole…

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Teton Dam Site

15.3 Miles from Rexburg

History The Teton Dam was an earthen dam built by the Bureau of Reclamation. On June 5, 1976, tragedy struck. As the Dam began to fill for the first time, Rexburg Idaho…

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Lewis and Clark Back Country Byway

Information The Byway is a single-lane gravel road with pullouts to be able to enjoy the scenic route. Vehicles can drive the road safely, but must have good tires. Buses, RVs, and…

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Craters of the Moon National Monument

120 Miles from Rexburg

Craters of the Moon is a protected area which features are volcanic and represent one of the best-preserved  flood basalt areas in the continental United States. The Visitor Center is near the monument’s only entrance. Various…

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Idaho Falls LDS Temple

27 Miles from Rexburg

The Idaho Falls Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is located on a beautiful spot of land overlooking the falls of the Snake River. The land was donated…

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Idaho Potato Museum

55.3 Miles from Rexburg

The Idaho Potato Museum is a landmark that all should see. The museum uniquely showcases the Idaho’s Famous Potatoes®. As you visit inside the museum, you will see the history of the…

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Shoshone Bannock Tribal Museum

70 Miles from Rexburg

This museum is a step into the past, with its collection of photographs dating back to 1895, artifacts from the site of the old Fort Hall and other tribal exhibits. Many of…

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Spud Drive In

50.4 Miles from Rexburg

The Spud Drive in is Teton Valley’s best places to enjoy various movies and famous 50’s concessions. Offering double features on both Friday and Saturday, the theater is enjoyable for all ages….

Quake Lake

92.3 Miles from Rexburg

If you are looking for a little historical adventure, visit Earthquake Lake (commonly referred to as “Quake Lake”). On August 17, 1959 there was an earthquake at this location in Southern Montana…

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Farnsworth TV and Pioneer Museum

13.5 Miles from Rexburg

Did you know Philo T. Farnsworth who was born in Rigby, ID had a hand in the invention of the Television? Come and see for yourself. The Jefferson County Historical Museum features 14,000 square…

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Idaho Ghost Towns

If you’re looking for an adventure, step into the past and visit local, Idaho Ghost Towns. There are hundreds of old, abandoned towns to discover all over the country. Many are local! Idaho…

Rexburg Tabernacle

The Rexburg Tabernacle was purchased from the LDS Church after the Teton Dam collapsed and flooded the surrounding communities. This building sustained major damage. But after extensive renovation, the Teton Flood Museum…

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Porter Park

Porter Park, named in honor of Arthur Porter, Jr., is situated in downtown Rexburg. It has picnic tables, playground equipment, tennis courts, basketball court, baseball field, soccer field, spray park, and jogging…

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Museum of Rexburg

The Museum of Rexburg is located in the basement of the Tabernacle houses the Upper Snake River Valley Historical Society Museum. This museum has aptly been named the Teton Flood Museum because…

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Romance Theater

The Romance Theater was first opened in 1917 and is considered one of Rexburg’s famous historical sites and is now owned by the city. Romance is in the process of renovating the…

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Yellowstone National Park

83 Miles from Rexburg

Yellowstone is a National Park filled with natural wonders such as geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, and so much more! This park houses many different species of wildlife such as bears, wolves, moose,…

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Spencer Opal Mines

58 Miles from Rexburg

Spencer Opal Mines Located just 60 miles miles Northwest of Rexburg you can find an incredible opal mine! Opals are the second largest contributor to the total value of gem material produced….

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