Eagle Park

The Teton River flows the length of the park across from all the campsites. With 24 campsites and amenities such as drinkable water and bathrooms, Eagle Park is a great place for friends,…

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Egin Lakes

12.6 Miles from Rexburg

Egin lakes is a fun place for family outings or youth groups. Surrounded by the Sand Dunes, Egin lakes is an oasis in the middle of a rolling sea of sand. This body of…

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St. Anthony Sand Dunes

12 Miles from Rexburg

Starting about eight miles west of St. Anthony are the living St. Anthony sand dunes – 41,000 acres of exciting potential playground just being discovered by dune buggy and snowmobile enthusiasts. The…

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Rigby Lake

14 Miles from Rexburg

Rigby Lake Rigby Lake, also known as Jefferson County Lake, is located about 12 miles south of Rexburg, just off the North Rigby exit. This lake is great for family recreation featuring…

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Heise Hot Springs

19.7 Miles from Rexburg

Nestled along Idaho’s famous Snake River, Heise Resort is just 20 miles east of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Airport transportation can be arranged; car rentals are available. Located three miles North off of US…

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Earthquake Lake

92.3 Miles from Rexburg

If you are looking for a little historical adventure, visit Earth Quake Lake (commonly referred to as “Quake Lake”). On August 17, 1959 there was an earth quake at this location in…

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Moody Meadow

25 Miles from Rexburg

Discover Moody Meadow Moody Meadow is a less known, yet wonderful place for those visiting the Eastern Idaho Area. There are tons of things to do. You are allowed to camp up to…

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Henry’s Lake

60 Miles from Rexburg

Henry’s Lake is within Henry’s Lake State Park and is surrounded by lush meadow and the towering Sawtell Peak. The Lake is a fly fisherman’s dream. The shallow lake is known for…

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